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Foamer Bottles for Liquid Castile Soap
At Country Rose Soap we believe in making our Castile Soap the traditional way, by hand, using only 100% Olive Oil.  Our liquid Castile soap and Castile Bar soaps are a 100% natural, gentle alternative to commercial soaps, and provide many of our customers who suffer from sensitive skin disorders and allergies one of the only options available.  Our Liquid Castile soap is available unscented as well as scented with natural essential oils, including a lavender essential oil variety, a lemongrass essential oil variety and a country mint variety.

For our customers looking for that Organic option, we now offer our Unscented Liquid Castile in an organic option, made using 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Due to the natural colour of the organic oil, this soap has a slight golden, green colour.

As well as our 100% Olive Oil liquid castile soap we also offer a Liquid Castile with Castor Oil soap for those looking for a product that is just as gentle, but also offers a higher level of sudsing, with a bit stronger level of cleansing.  This product is the basis for our line of natural castile hair shampoo's.  Our Liquid Castile Soap with Castor is also available unscented as well as with the same essential oil blends as our pure olive oil soap.

As well as Liquid Castile products, Country Rose Soap has always specialized in Castile Bar Soaps.  In addition to our gentle 100% Olive Oil bar soap in both unscented and lavender options, we also now offer an organic version made with 100% organic extra virgin olive oil as well as a pure castile skin care soap with finely ground oils as well as a detoxifying castile soap made with activated charcoal.